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It can wait or…

“I’d like to let you know that I cannot answer your email because I’ll drive soon!”

You’ve got a new email. Whatever it is it can wait while you are driving. And this is what about AT&T’s latest campaign. Mobile communication company, AT&T started to campaign against the texting while you are on the go with your car.


In this campaign they ask people to do not text and drive; just use the #X hashtag and do not start a conversation. With this hashtag you can say to your partner that “I’d like to let you know that I cannot answer your email because I’ll drive soon!


But of course we at Limousine Center knows how important for you to answer your business emails as soon as possible. And we understand that you have to make some calls and you have to react to the latest information. This is why we suggest you our worldwide limousine service to choose. With our limo service you can arrange your business between two meetings.

Limousine Center takes the pledge to never text and drive! Because #ItCanWait!


Say no for text and drive; say yes to high quality chauffeur service!

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