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Smoking could be banned in London’s public parks

Shame on smokers or London wants to be the greenest cities in the future?

The Mayor of London’s health commission has recommended banning smoking in London’s public parks – reports The Guardian. According to Lord Darzi and the health commission London would become one of the world’s healthiest cities and banning to smoke in bigger outdoor spaces would prevent youngsters to smoke as they will see, it is prohibited for adults too.


The news says the Royal Parks – including Hyde Park and Green Park – and other outdoor places like the Trafalgar Square and Parliament Square also would mean to be no-smoking areas.


 Experts and authorities are divided in this case. Some says ironically it will be prohibited to smoke in our own gardens soon. Others say controlling tobacco and smoking in London is a good idea.


Anyway smoking-related diseases and deaths are high all over the world. So legislations like banning to light up in pubs or railway station make sense and teaching youngsters to live a healthy life is also a big task.

We will see how London decides in this case.


What do you think about it? Smoking should be banned in public outdoors? Will it really make people give up smoking?




Photo: REUTERS, 2012, London No Pants Day